Pewdiepie Merchandise

My Role: Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management

Client: Pewdiepie

Target Audience: 13-24 young male gamers

Marketing Channels: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) was our largest client at Maker Studios, Inc. and is currently the #1 YouTuber globally. I had the privilege of working with Felix to build his merch brand and eCommerce store during critical years of his growth, as he exploded from 1 million subscribers in 2012 to 50 million by 2016. As Merchandising Operations Manager at Maker Studios, I was constantly strategizing new product & marketing ideas for Felix’s brand and wore many different hats in the business – from product sourcing & fulfillment to marketing strategy & execution.

What do Pewdiepie’s fans want? That was the million dollar question as we continued to build and expand his product line. This is an example of one of our most successful merchandise campaigns with Pewdiepie that was launched during Back-to-School season. I worked closely with Felix and our creative team to design a fun, logo-patterned backpack and launched it exclusively on our online shop for a limited time. We sold 8,000 backpacks within 2 months. We then anniversaried the campaign the following year but this time, we directly surveyed the fans to gauge their interest and ended up with a design inspired by his famous pet pug, Edgar, who was a fan-favorite.

While I managed timelines for the promotional videos to go live on Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel, I also worked with the Marketing team to further support the drive through all of our channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail blasts.

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